This picture was taken 13 February 2014 during on my way home from a tour of duty to Sajingan Besar. The forest depicted on this picture is a community’s protected forest. One among very few forest can2014-02-13 15.20.00 be preserved in the area which have been experiencing massive exploitation, particularly by large scale palm oil plantations. On the other hand, the needs for land utilization by local communities are also growing leads to high acceleration of deforestation of origin rain forest in the norther part of West Kalimantan Province.

All around Sambas Regency area, there have been massive land use change. Tall rise trees which one land marked villages have been rarely seen. Morris trees for example, once known as useless trees with big and tall-rised grow, hardly be found in peat-land areas of the regency. The trees have been replaced by Palm Oil trees.

2014-02-13 14.59.21